Cal. Sup. Ct Finally Sets Oral Argument On Case Involving Retroactive Sex Offender Registration

Here’s some good news for those hit with a requirement to register as a sex offender under P.C. 290 retroactively following their conviction (in some cases, decades earlier) for certain crimes.  As we reported two years ago, the Ninth Circuit asked the California Supreme Court to clarify “Whether, under California law, the default rule of contract interpretation is (a) that the law in effect at the time of a plea agreement binds the parties, or (b) that the terms of a plea agreement may be affected by changes in law” in Doe v. Harris.

Almost exactly two years later, the California Supremes have finally gotten around to setting the matter for oral argument, which will take place on Wednesday April 3,  2013 in Los Angeles.  Under the California Constitiution, the justices have 90 days to issue an opinion following oral argument (under threat of having their pay docked) so we should have a ruling on the question shortly thereafter.


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