U.S. Supreme Ct. to Consider One of My Cases at 5/23 Conference

Well, this made my day :)  Just learned that the Petition for a Writ of Cert which I filed in Kyle Ray DeCoteau v. United States (Case No. 12-01285) will be considered by the U.S. Supreme Court at its May 23, 2013 conference.    It’s my first request for U.S. Supreme Court review and involves some interesting issues regarding the appropriateness (or as we believe, the lack thereof) of a District Court judge denying a certificate of appealability in a post-trial review motion when one of the grounds of ineffective assistance has to do with the trial counsel’s failure to object to the  District Court Judge’s alleged misconduct.

While it’s nice the United States waived their right to respond, my client and I have no illusions about the odds against the High Court deciding to take the case.  Still, I’m honored and proud it’s gotten this far.


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