ATTENTION: Former Clients/File Destruction

Date of Notice: October 14, 2016


NOTICE PURSUANT TO RPC 3-700 and State Bar Of California Ethics Opinion 2001-157

After nearly eleven years in practice, our firm storage unit is at capacity.  In order to maximize our space for active clients and cases, effective November 14, 2016 we will be forced to implement the following policies with regard to the retention of files by former clients:


Civil Matters

As of November 14, 2016, if your case has been completed or you have terminated our services but have not retrieved your file we will begin destruction of your files.   If you do not wish for your file to be destroyed, you must contact us in writing at or via U.S. mail at our office address of record (Law Offices of Christina DiEdoardo P.C., 201 Spear Street #1100 San Francisco California 94105) prior to that date and provide us with a preferred mailing address so that we can get your file back to you.  This Notice is intended to constitute the “reasonable efforts” called for by Ethics Opinion 2001-157

Criminal Matters

Until and unless we receive alternative guidance from the State Bar of California, criminal case files will be retained indefinitely in digital and/or paper format until requested by the client or successor counsel.


In accordance with the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct, Nevada case files on completed matters older than November 14, 2009 will be destroyed on or after November 14, 2016.   Thereafter, files on completed matters will be destroyed from time to time following the expiration of the seven-year retention period mandated by the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct

If you have questions, please contact us at 415-839-5098 or   Otherwise, thank you for your understanding and assistance.